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January 9, 2013
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Nov 13, 2009, 1:08:29 PM
Pokemon: Perler Bead Raikou by heatbish Pokemon: Perler Bead Raikou by heatbish
And the trio is complete! Raikou, the electric legendary dog. :D

I really liked this commission set. The poses choosen were dynamic ( minus Entei ) and it was fun and challenging to work on large pieces.

Entei: [link]
Suicune: [link]
Raikou: You're here!

Made with Perler and Nabbi bead products. Approximately 13 inches tall and 13 inches wide.

Sprite reference: Platinum

Available for purchase at my Etsy: [link]
Commissions are open!~ Just note me. :D
On Tumblr: [link]

Pokemon is a trademark of the Nintendo group. This item is not officially licensed work. Trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.
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Daeron-Singollo Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
This looks so awesome! ;W; way cooler than the original sprite in pokemon gold! ;w;
Besides Suicune who is my number one favourite, I loved Raikou a lot as well! ;w;
heatbish Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Only cooler because it can go on my wall! :D

I made a Suicune one as well. That's my favorite of the legendary beasts imo. >o<
Daeron-Singollo Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
uhuh! It's something different than the standart piece of paper :giggle:
yes ;W; suicune is really cool <3
zims-lost-soul Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
What colors are the three purples? ive never seen that lighter purple
heatbish Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The darker 2 purples are Purple and Pastel Lavender from Perler. The lightest is Lilac from Nabbi. :)
ShiningStarNova Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Wow, this is amazing! I love this so much ^^

Ah, reminds me of my childhood (not that I'm old or anything XD), had so much fun with those :P I've been trying to make one of these myself when I re-discovered the perler beads at a toy store, but I couldn't find more than two colors purple. Which ones do you use where you got three different kinds of purple? Or do you use several types of perler beads together?
heatbish Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there, I'm glad you like him! :D

That's actually EXACTLY how I picked up perler beading .. I wandered past them in the art store and was like, hmm, this might be fun -- GOGO ADDICTION.

The lightest purple I use is made by a Swedish company named Nabbi / Photopearls, and the color is called Lilac. Some sellers will call it Lavender. I obtained them through a friend of mine whom lives in Europe ( they do not ship to the US ). But there's a wonderful eBay seller who carries various non-Perler colors. This is the listing for the purple: [link] .. if you're ever needing some colors, I'd check out her shop. Chances are she carries it. ^_^

This chart will also probably help you with shading big sprites, too: [link] .. where H stands for 'Hama', N stands for 'Nabbi', and P stands for 'Perler'.

Good luck. :D
ShiningStarNova Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Raikou has always been my favorite Pokémon from the moment I discovered him :) I'm really curious to the new Pokémon from X and Y though, perhaps I'll find me a new favorite, but they would have to come up with something amazing to beat Raikou in my point of view :P

Hmm, while I was browsing the web for some more info on colors, I found the Pixelgasm website, have read some guides and the likes, first thing I thought when I saw the link to eBay, I wonder if that's callahan13? It was :D She's on that forum too and checked her eBay pages too, she really offers great prices :D
Saw many of those charts too there.

Another question: how do you make these? Do you just pick the sprite and block it out or something in paint/photoshop/...? Do you have a special program or so?

Thank you very much for the help though :D And I really adore people that make crafts etc. I'm trying to put up a local 'business', by word of mouth advertising (is that the correct phrasing? I used google translate, I'm from Belgium XD), of engravings, but it's not really working, maybe I need to give out some flyers or so XD I really enjoy engraving, sadly I haven't had much time to it with school and stuff.

Sorry for the LOOOOOOONG reply *sheepish look*
heatbish Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Raikou is pretty awesome! I'm an Eevee evolution lover for life however .. Vaporeon is my one and true love. The ones released so far for the new generation haven't seemed all that interesting to me. Then again, neither did last generation. I am struggling to get through Black 2. :(

Pixelgasm is a pretty awesome resource with a lot of helpful people! I've browsed there many a time for tips, tricks, everything~

What I personally do is paste the sprite in to MS Paint, zoom in max and just .. manually count, hah! If there are long lines of a color, I will 'dissect' it with a bright color not used anywhere else. It's easier to show than explain. Here! You can see I mapped out some of his outline with a pink color because I couldn't count the long lines without worrying that I had miscounted: [link]. As you can see I also map out the height so I know how far 'down' on the boards I have to start. I know there are pixel mapping programs out there, I'm sure you can find them! They probably make the process easier .. I'm just stubborn. >_>

Have you considered making a shop online for some visibility? I personally recommend Etsy. Opening a shop is free, and it only costs 20 cents ( in USD ) to post a listing for 4 months. Might help get your work noticed! Although a lot of people that browse it are International so be weary while mapping out shipping costs. :D And since you're from Belgium it might be a lot easier to get Nabbi bead products since they are based in Europe! I'd browse online and see if I could find anything .. I remember when I first researched them that there were TOOOONS of suppliers in a bunch of different countries that offered them.

And no reason to apologize at all. I like long replies. :D
ShiningStarNova Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Eeveelutions are pretty awesome too, I'm glad we get a new one. ^^ Vaporeon also happens to be the favorite of my best 'online' friend, who lives in Canada, sent her an engraving of Vaporeon last year for Christmas. She's the one I get the designs from, she doesn't mind and we agreed to split the profit if I sell engravings. Last gen wasn't interesting to me either, come on, ice cream? And another copy paste thing ...

I tried on MS Paint too, seems to work nicely ^^

I've considered Etsy, I just need to get everything sorted with my dad (I will 19 this summer, I still live at home and I discuss everything with my dad, so he knows about it, just in case something goes wrong) and get everything sorted at the post office. I think Canada was one of the countries my post office asks the highest shipping price for and I believe that is was about 9 euros (= about 12 dollars) for shipping plus the package.

I haven't seen Nabbi beads anywhere here though, we only have Hama as far as I know, and I do a decent number of toystores during my shopping sprees :P

Yay, I like people who like long replies :P
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